• SEO Beta (prices shown are monthly)

Our SEO BETA package use a combination of Google AdWords, Google Analytics & Weekly Facebook Advertising.

Google AdWords

With Google AdWords we can advertise you to your target audience. We target your ads to customers in certain regions or cities – or within a set distance from your business or shop, to ensure you reach the right people at the right time

Maximum Relevance

A great advantage of AdWords is that we can make your ads highly relevant, and to only be shown to people who are looking for something very related to what you’re offering. We can choose which keywords we want your ad copy to have, and that way attract high relevant targeted traffic which is already interested in what you are offering.

Speed of Google Adwords

With Google AdWords you can have your first visitors and buyers sometimes within hours. You can create your campaigns and ads so that your prospects can view them quickly without having to wait days or a number of processes.

Facebook Advertising

You can reach your goals by reaching the right people. The adverts we offer are designed to help you get the best possible response from the people who see your advert.

When users visit Facebook, Facebook reads the information stored in their device, from this they can tell what that person has been searching for and subsequently shows them adverts they know they are already expressing an interest in.

People in your local area is already looking around for one of your services, Facebook would show your business to them, assuring that you are being seen by your target audience.

Google Analytics

The ability to find out how your visitors locate your website.

Other than the core set of keywords that we optimise into your site, we will also be able to find out what other keywords your visitors type in to find your website. During the initial optimisation campaign, the number of keywords may be little. But as time goes by, we will start getting more keywords throughout the website based upon Google’s data.

We’re able to identify which pages and links your visitors click the most.

We are able to know which are the popular pages and links, and measure whether your optimisation campaign is directing the traffic to the correct pages.

Visitor segmentation.

With this, we will be able to know how many new visitors that your search engine optimisation campaign brings to you. You can segment your analytic result by new/returning visitors, geography and referral sources (visitors from another site such as Facebook who haven’t found your site via search engine).

Able to fine tune your website.

With this analytic report, we will be able to fine tune your website, and do a new copywriting on any page that is not converting well. In the end, it will bring you more quality prospects, and thus gaining more customers in the near future.

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SEO Beta (prices shown are monthly)

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